Royce 610

Dedicated Wire Pull Bond Tester

The controls of the 610 are simple and ergonomic. Using the extremely flexible Leica S6 microscope, the 610 easily adjusts to accommodate a broad spectrum of users. The familiar controls make training quick and easy, minimizing downtime. The standard computer mouse controls the hook height and rotation, along with triggering the test. A numeric keypad allows the operator to enter failure codes, and the test results are visible on the LCD panel built into the mainframe.

Able to perform both destructive and non-destructive tests, the 610 collects force data against the wire every 10 microseconds. When performing destructive bond testing the maximum load is monitored and the test stops automatically when the load force falls from its maximum. Non-destructive testing is controlled so that the rate of load application exactly meets the user’s programmed limit. Load variance also is programmable by the user prior to testing to provide stricter controls.

  • Ergonomic design to support operator comfort over long shifts.
  • Simple calibration interface to allow user to quickly and easily check and recalibrate the instrument with on-screen instructions (NIST traceable calibration weights available)
  • Optional strip printer
  • Optional keypad for enhanced failure code input
  • Optional external Royce PC with Bond Test Manager soft- ware for data storage and networking