Ideal system with a compact design

Small lot sizes? Minimal throughput? For electronics manufacturers it’s always important to attain high levels of quality in PCB production, even for small lot sizes. This necessitates optimum process performance for reproducible soldering results which have to be implemented and complied with uncompromisingly and in the long-term. The VisionXC has been designed precisely for this target group. It’s distinguished by its compact design which unites all important technological features in an extremely small footprint. The VisionXC is the ideal system for small and medium lot sizes in the production department, in the lab and for demonstration production lines

Unique technology benefits

  • Stable process, even for lead-free soldering
  • Optimized heat transfer and thermal stability
  • Integrated residue management
  • Lowest cost of ownership
  • Minimal maintenance costs

Our VisionXC Edition: efficiency and quality at an attractive price

Are you looking for a reliable all-round system and do you want to profit from optimized machine configurations? Or do you want a system which is also capable of processing small production work orders in an ideal fashion?

Rehm’s VisionXC convection reflow soldering systems are exceptionally well suited for the production of small lot sizes.Our VisionXC Edition systems are available with our time-tested standard equipment.This leaves nothing to be desired and offers great value for the money. Our systems are available for use with nitrogen or air atmospheres. Please contact us for information regarding our conditions of sale.

Our nitrogen systems

  • VisionXC Edition nitro type 422
  • VisionXC Edition nitro type 523

Features included with the VisionXC Edition nitro:

  • Heating at the top and bottom
  • Center support
  • Automatic chain lubricator
  • Automatic center support adjustment
  • Automatic conveyor width adjustment
  • Redundant temperature monitoring
  • Water-cooled residue management
  • SMEMA interface

You don’t need a nitrogen system?

The VisionXC Edition air is also available with outstanding features at an extremely reasonable price.

Our air systems

  • VisionXC Edition air type 422
  • VisionXC Edition air type 523

Features included with the VisionXC Edition air

  • Heating at the top and bottom
  • Center support
  • Automatic chain lubricator
  • Automatic center support adjustment
  • Automatic conveyor width adjustment
  • Redundant temperature monitoring
  • SMEMA interface

Top quality for stable processes

All of the heat zones in the VisionXC can be individually regulated and are thermally isolated from each other, thus assuring flexible profiling and a stable reflow process. The special design of the nozzle sheets assures homogenous heat input via the process gas throughout the entire process zone, and thus absolutely uniform heating of the materials. Heat transfer has been significantly optimized for the VisionXC through the use of multiple peak zones. Minimal distance between the nozzle sheets and the conveyor, as well as separately adjustable flow rates for the upper and lower heat zones, assure that the PCBs are heated up in an extremely uniform fashion. Stressing within the PCBs is thus minimized and related soldering defects are reduced

Reliable transport through the oven: flexible conveyor system

Your PCB passes through various system segments during the soldering process: from the preheating zone to the peak zone, and finally to the cooling tract. The most important factor for continuous processing is reliable conveyance. Our systems provide users with a customized conveyor.

Whether large or small, thick or thin, long or short – our conveyor systems can be ideally adapted to your PCB. Conveyor lanes and transport speeds are flexibly adjustable. In this way, the VisionXS makes lead-free or lead-containing soldering processes possible in a single reflow system

Various conveyor options

Various conveyor options are available depending on system configuration:

  • Single-lane conveyor
  • Two-lane conveyor (synchronous, asynchronous)
  • Four-lane conveyor
  • Multi-track conveyor

Reliable and clean – effective Residue Management

Residues which accumulate during soldering are separated by the VisionXC with the help of an efficient filter unit. The 1 to 3-stage residue management system is integrated at the front of the system. Each stage consists of a cooler and a filter. Liquid and crystalline residues are reliably removed by means of this combination. This results in minimal maintenance costs and more efficient production.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Thorough purification and a clean process chamber
  • Solution integrated into the system
  • Reliable process
  • Easily accessible
  • Minimal maintenance costs

Effective cooling of the PCBs

Depending on system length, the VisionXC is equipped with a 2, 3 or 4-stage cooling tract. The fans in the individual zones, which can be controlled separately as an option, allow for accurate control and cooling gradients can be correspondingly influenced. In this way we can offer custom tailored solutions for you product and ideal prospects for flexible manufacturing

Clever, foolproof software: extremely easy operating concepts

Our software solutions assure precise retraceability of all processes. The Visu 2 includes process and product traceability tools, remote maintenance and a comprehensive product library. It features an intuitive user interface which considerably reduces the effort required for setup and operator training. Complete documentation can be accessed with just a few clicks. The Visu 2 also provides password-protected administration with several access levels, language selection, data logging and maintenance reports.

Process and product traceability is handled by means of barcode management and logging of all relevant process parameters with time stamp.

RPI – Reflow Process Inspection

RPI – Reflow Process Inspection

Reflow process inspection (RPI) supplies continuous information indicating to what extent the reflow profile complies with the specified requirements. It also offers support in creating the ideal profile based on available specifications for solder pastes and reflow ovens, and makes it possible to create one’s own solder joint and component specifications as well.

Numerous software features

  • Multilingual software
  • Data logging
  • Import/export protocol
  • Maintenance protocol
  • RPI – reflow process inspection
  • Barcode interface
  • Process disabling
  • Traceability
  • Product management
  • Remote maintenance