ViCON – Smarter software for more efficiency

NEW! Innovative software solutions for VisionX Serie

Rehm Thermal Systems is known for innovative engineering and technology leadership in manufacturing equipment for the electronics and photovoltaics industry. Rehm is now able to expand this pioneering role even further with a clear and innovative portfolio of software solutions. The new system software ViCON already combines tried-and-tested Rehm software tools, such as clear product management and process locking with new possibilities in mobile applications in the form of the ViCON app and ViCON Connect – in an attractive design and with intuitive touch operation.

An efficient manufacturing environment with ViCON Connect

ViCON Connect makes managing and monitoring multiple production lines much more efficient. Interconnectivity between facilities allows you to follow production constantly, while managing and monitoring processes without long distances in production. You can even access systems at other sites using the right connection (VNC or VPN). Rapid response to alarm notifications along with troubleshooting significantly increase production efficiency.

Unique technological advantages

  • Monitor all machinery
  • Flexible operation
  • Direct facility access
  • Prepare operation from a remote workstation
  • Effective operation for efficient production
  • Integrated analysis tools

ViCON APP – Maintain a web based overview

The smart solution for everyday production

The App, developed especially for ViCON, allows you mobile access to all the relevant system information. You see operating status and alarms at first glance. The responsive design ensures optimal display on a great many different devices and therefore enables a convenient overview and simple operation

Unique technological advantages

  • Mobile request of the system status
  • Alarm messages
  • Notification of the Rehm service personnel directly via device
  • System-specific information, e.g. machine type, serial number etc.
  • Connects to a mobile superordinate line monitoring system