Customer specific systems for individual requirements

In addition to reflow soldering systems, Rehm develops, project-manages and supplies thermal system solutions as a general contractor or direct supplier. We offer individual solutions that focus entirely on the requirements of your manufacturing environment. The technical design of our systems is largely determined by part dimensions, thermal mass, materials, process specifications and throughput volume and/or cycle times. Customer-specific solutions are necessary if high production numbers, i.e. short cycle times paired with long process times, need to be processed. Rehm creates technically-flexible and economically-appealing solutions in the shortest timeframe.

Unique technology benefits

  • Individual System Solutions, specialized in your needs
  • High-quality engineering with 25 years of experience
  • Competent process consulting
  • Flexible solutions for your production

Individual Systems for different application focuses, e.g.

Reel-to-Reel production

As an innovation leader Rehm Thermal Systems is involved in several working groups and research projects. One of these projects is: „New products due to reel-to-reel production of MID based micro systems  – PRONTO R2R-MID “.

Backside Reflow

Multifunctional reflow soldering systems for innovative backside reflow technologies

The backside-reflow technology was developed for complex, double-sided boards that are densely packed with SMD parts and that are not suitable for wave soldering. Selective reflow soldering and even manual soldering are therefore the only ways to solder thermally-sensitive THD.

Vacuum high-temperature soldering system

Our vacuum high-temperature soldering system with top loading is ideal for high throughput processes. The high-temperature soldering process is performed using forming gas exceeding 400 °C. Clean soldering joints can also be achieved through a defined temperature-time-process with changing atmospheres.

Meander dryer

Thanks to the meander construction, a big amount of parts can be guided through the process chamber maintaining their orientation exactly. The loading position is outside the chamber, loading manually or via robot.

The design is individually tailored to your product.

Pallet pass-through oven

Pallet pass-through ovens are designed for the curing of assemblies with long process times with high product throughput.

Further examples for individual system solutions

Pass-through magazine dryer i.e. for curing of printed ceramic substrates on magazines

Dryer for the production of battery foils

Magazine dryer for the curing of printed sheet metals

Individual process technology

The technical design of Rehm systems is largely determined by part dimensions, thermal mass, materials, process specifications and throughput volume and/or cycle times. Using our excellent technological know-how and many years of experience in plant and mechanical engineering, we design thermal system solutions that match individual applications precisely.

The Rehm RSS machines have a modular design that can be variably equipped with convection or IR radiators. For example, the heating system can reduce the cooling gradient to a minimum using additional underside heating.

The transport system adapts to your product

A wide range of transport system designs is conceivable in special machine engineering. Thus pin chain conveyors with or without accumulating rollers, mesh conveyor belts, various workpiece carriers, pendulum goods carriers, racks, etc. can be used in tunnel systems or in batch operation. Your product determines the type and design of transport through the system

Pin chain transport – single or multi lane

Roller chain transport – dual lane

Workpiece carrier single | dual

Circuit workpiece carrier

Quad lane transport

Basket transport for small parts

Shuttle transport

Meander transport

The flexibility is in the details

Our systems are well thought-out, right down to the smallest components. We offer numerous system options for various applications – from power electronics to medical technology.

Air-cooled cooling track using room air

Quick exhaust for short changes of temperature profiles

Water-cooled cooling track with circulating-air cooling and heat-sink over water circuit for usage in clean rooms

Extraction pipes between heating zones for temperatures up to 350 °C

Exhaust at oven’s outlet

Exhaust at oven’s inlet

Condensate management of exhaust

Additional condensation trap

Residue management with cyclone technology and fine filter