REHM ProtectoXP

Selective Conformal Coating – Protective coating of electrical components

The new Protecto coating system was developed to satisfy your demands for highest quality, stability and productivity for automatic in-line coating tasks.

Particular emphasis is placed on maintainability, intuitive programme configuration and ultra-flexible equipment that can be adapted to customer requirements.

The patented Stream-Coat® nozzles measuring up to 100 mm long and only 2.4 mm thick enable a protective coating between tightly packed, tall components. This means expensive and time-consuming manual re-coating is a thing of the past.

Furthermore, different application methods such as dispensing, spraying or jetting can be achieved “on the fly”, without changing the applicator and without splatters. Even areas under components can be coated using the connectible manifold cut-out on the Stream Coat® nozzles. The manifold cut-out does this by pushing the coating material under the component. Up to four different, selective coating tasks can be performed effortlessly with up to four coating applicators in multiple applications.

Unique technology benefits

  • Multifunctional coating application: jetting, dispensing and spraying
  • Greatest possible process reliability
  • Up to 4 heatable nozzles
  • Highest coating accuracy
  • All-in-one lacquering
  • Selective coating
  • Long-lasting fault-free lacquering
  • Minimal maintenance required
  • Also available as a production line concept consisting of a Protecto dispenser and RDS lacquer dryer
  • Quick, intuitive programming with dependable software tools
  • Flexible lacquering options thanks to multifunctional lacquer applicator

More than “just” coating – Application possibilities with ProtectoXP

With the ProtectoXP, completely new application fields are emerging – even outside of the conformal coating sector. Thanks to the highly flexible system construction, you can use ProtectoXP to combine several processes within one machine. In addition to sealing the entire circuit board, partial areas or individual components can also be coated on the support. From the “Globe Top” to “Dam & Fill” to the “Flip Chip Underfill”; different procedures have been developed here. With the ProtectoXP, a large number of applications – all in one system – can be realized. With innovative nozzle technology, the user can apply a wide variety of materials to the module – so each product will be optimally protected later according to the requirements.

Dam & Fill

Dam & Fill allows individual areas to be selectively coated on the circuit board, thereby efficiently protecting them. Two materials with different viscosities are used for this purpose. First, a dam is placed around the component to be protected with a highly viscous material. Subsequently, the region within the dam is filled with a low-viscosity material.


In this process, a 1K or 2K material is applied to a component such that a continuous and uniform sealing loop is produced. Volumetric applicators are particularly suitable for this purpose.

Globe Top

A Globe Top is used to protect a selective area on the circuit board. For this purpose, a material is used which, on the one hand, is fluid enough to securely encapsulate all the components involved, but on the other hand, is not so low in viscosity that it flows onto adjacent components

Flip Chip Underfill

Underfills increase the mechanical stability between the chip and the circuit board and distribute locally occurring voltages over a larger area, which significantly increases the service life. For this purpose, a low-viscosity material is applied along the edge region of the chip, which then independently fills the gap between the chip and the circuit board using the capillary effect

1K and 2K encapsulation

Encapsulation is always used when a particularly high level of protection is needed. Thanks to the volumetric applicators, it is ensured that exactly the same amount of material is always supplied in the correct mixing ratio, independent of temperature and pressure fluctuations.

Heat dissipation

Due to the constant miniaturisation in electronics, less and less surface is available for heat dissipation. This makes it all the more important to have an optimal passage between the heat sink and the component. Liquid heat-transfer media can be adapted to the individual contours better than fixed pads or foils and ensure a safe heat dissipation, which significantly increases the service life of the components.

Individual requirements

Are you looking for a partner who can offer you a complete solution for your coating and dispensing process? Then you‘ve come to the right place! Thanks to versatile applicators and conveyor units, we are standing ready to meet many requirements with our standard applications. We are also prepared to tackle new challenges and to implement them for you in a series-production process.

Flexible coating process for optimal coatings

ProtectoXP meets your requirements for the highest quality, stability and productivity in automatic inline coating services. The product specification is determined by the plant equipment.

Circuit boards must not be coated completely; parts such as switches or electrical plug connections must remain uncoated in order to maintain their function. There are various application methods for this partially highly-selective coating application. With up to 4 coating applicators, you can synchronise several modules simultaneously in master-slave mode to apply the coating or directly apply with up to 4 different materials without set-up time

All-in-One lacquering

The patented Stream-Coat® nozzles are compatible with all conventional coatings, from low-viscosity to high-viscosity. An external diameter of just 2.4 mm with a length of up to 100 mm allows optimum coating even between tightly packed, tall components or even under the components themselves. With Protecto you can carry out the various selective application procedures of dispensing, spraying, jetting and curtain coating “on the fly”. An implicit air nozzle precisely dispenses the coating and distributes it with little splatter or mist. The homogeneous film of coating can, with the aid of the adjustable airstream, even be applied under or behind adjacent component pins and in shadow zones without the need to tilt the applicator

Multifunctional lacquer applicator for perfect application

Uniform and precise application of a highly thixotropic material

Coating of large areas with a low splatter and mist spraying procedure

Pinpoint lacquer application of up to 120 miniature dots per second through rapid opening and closing of the valve

Curtain Coating
Spraying and fog-free coating of large surfaces at very high process speed

The application determines the equipment Variety of coating applicators

Which equipment is most suitable for which type of coating? With the broad range of Rehm coating applicators, customers always find the right plant equipment for their individual processes. We offer in-house proprietary developments as well as applicators from suppliers who have already established themselves in the market.

Various options such as material needles, patented two-material nozzles and material warmers, are available for the respective applicator. Thus, the plant equipment can be selected using a wide range of different accessories that provides the best combination of cost-effectiveness and process performance

Greatest possible process reliability with innovative options

When it comes to coating, one thing is essential: precision. ProtectoXP is designed to ensure that the required volume of coating is always evenly applied, whether through a pressure valve, a cartridge or a pump from the original container. Automatic needle measurement checks the target position of the applicators in freely definable cycles and if necessary corrects the coating program automatically. The dispensing of the lacquer is controlled by the software, which loads the appropriate coating program with the suitable lacquer and nozzle type. An optional heated nozzle keeps the protective coating always at a constant temperature and thus a consistent viscosity regardless of environmental conditions. A specially developed lacquer lance with a level indicator prevents bubble formation when changing the lacquer.

A camera system for a wide range of applications

For absolute process reliability ProtectoXP is optionally equipped with a fiducial camera. This means the coating program can be corrected and aligned by registering the marks even if a board is laid into the flight bar inaccurately. A barcode checks whether the set coating program is right for the assembly in place. If there is a deviation the process is automatically blocked.

Reliable process with low maintenance costs

Rehm has developed a ground-breaking cleaning system for ProtectoXP which is particularly maintenance-friendly. A brush station with a solvent bath allows optimum cleaning of the lacquer nozzles. Even if the system has been off for up to ten days, it is operational at the touch of a button without additional cleaning work. An innovative blowout station allows automatic cleaning in just a few minutes when materials are changed. All technical control elements, including cleaning equipment, are compactly integrated in the plant and easily accessible for maintenance work.

Optimum assembly protection without contamination of the work environment

To prevent contamination from vaporised solvents of lacquers and compounds in the immediate vicinity of the ProtectoXP, the lacquer supply is integrated in the system at the back of the plant. This means there is no odour pollution from random releases of solvent vapours into the environment. The plant also has an extractor system which conducts and removes solvent-containing evaporations to the in-house exhaust system during the coating process.

For a clean process and comfortable working atmosphere in your production line!

Innovative software tools for easy programming

The ProtectoXP is operated with an intuitive software and is especially user-friendly thanks to a newly developed touch-screen interface. It has numerous software features, including online and offline programming, language switching, rights management, MES connectivity and clear user guidance. Not only can you adapt all work steps flexibly to the process flow and your product requirements, you can also track and document all processes at any time.

For optimum and reproducible coating results!

Programming and product management – Easy and quick to the goal

The Protecto software makes programming the coating process easy and fast. The module is placed as a picture in the background. The areas to be coated can then be defined using different line and surface elements. Multiple areas can be copied or cloned. This saves a lot of programming time. The other process parameters, such as coat, feed containers and valve settings, are stored in the product management. For testing the programming, there are various test tools with which the coating program can be created, tested and optimised step by step. A position correction as well as a scan of the DMC code of the module located in the system can be carried out via the Fiducial camera, guaranteeing traceability. This is particularly important with respect to traceability and MES connections.

Process locking, traceability & co. for a detailed process documentation

Depending on the production environment, the ProtectoXP can be optionally connected to an MES in various ways. Any combination of the various configuration stages of production data acquisition (PDA), traceability, process locking and material locking ensures flexible production. The ProtectoXP can be optionally connected to a line master computer or an MES. Depending on the configuration, various data is communicated between MES and ProtectoXP. An interface specially designed by Rehm (ROI – Rehm Open Interface) is used. On the one hand, this means a high degree of standardisation; on the other hand, customer-specific adaptation can be carried out without problems. To identify the module, an ID-reader (bar code, DMC, RFID) is installed on the conveyor belt in front of the system and connected to the Protecto control. Optionally, the identification can also be carried out via the MES. This ensures absolute process reliability through process locking and can guarantee seamless documentation by means of unique data records for each module

Full power for your turnkey solution – Flexibility from start to finish

Would you like to combine optimal coating solutions and reliable drying methods in your manufacturing process? Our conformal coating concept, which consists of the Protecto coating unit and an RDS coating dryer, including handling based on customer specification, is a turnkey solution for the selective conformal coating process. Thanks to highly efficient and accurate coating technologies, the Rehm Thermal Systems line can be used for all selective coating applications and is available with a range of handling variations. This allows you to produce in a flexible and reliable way and makes you ideally equipped for the demands of complex processes. The RDS drying system is suitable for hardening all conventional coatings immediately after the coating process. An optional integrated underfloor return transport system ensures an even faster and more effective production flow.

Standard Line Concept

Line Concept with under-floor return transport