REHM Nexus

Reliable contact soldering – The Nexus makes it possible!

The Rehm Thermal Systems vacuum soldering oven is exceptionally well suited for production facilities which pursue flux-free and void-free soldering in various inert gases (N2, H2, N2/H2 95/5).

The use of lead-free and lead-containing pastes and preforms with/without flux is also possible. Miniaturization in the fields of advanced packaging and semiconductors can be further developed by means of vacuum technology.

Unique technology advantages

  • Oxide and void-free joint surface between chip and interconnected device
  • Integrated or separate cleaning and de-scaling processes
  • Simple profiling and fast heating and cooling rates
  • Assembly under high level of vacuum
  • Integration of drying and degassing processes
  • Optimum dispersal of waste heat

Operating principles

The vacuum soldering process generates temperatures of up to 450 °C and is an ideal solution for void-free and flux-free applications. The Nexus not only provides your manufacturing operation with advantages for the soldering process, but rather for bonding processes as well.

Reliable vacuum processes for improved quality

Increased productivity and quality advantages can be achieved in the production of power electronics by means of vacuum soldering. Vacuum provides for oxide-free processes as well as improved wetting, and thus for more effectively filled solder joints. Beyond this, vacuum drastically reduces the number of voids in solder joints and supports processes such as plasma cleaning and gas exchange for advanced packaging. Temperatures of up to 450 °C are possible with Nexus.

Example vacuum heating process

  • USB port and Ethernet port for connectivity and remote control
  • Windows 7 for HMI and B&R PLC for machine control
  • Up to 100 steps per recipe
  • Number of recipes is not limited
  • Traceability and MES connectivity available
  • Each step can be filled in with a predetermined pressure, temperature, heating/cooling rate or holdinge time.Furthermore it is possible to work in each step alternatively with nitrogen, forming gas and formic acid.
  • Graphic display of temperature values and pressures on the monitor for process control
  • Programmable times per step range from 1 s to 1 hour