REHM CondensoXS

Flexibility from start to finish

The CondensoXS smart is impressive thanks to its new chamber design and flexibility throughout the entire line. The new chamber design with a vertically opening or closing chamber ensures optimum hermetic sealing and thus reliable and reproducible results. The CondensoXS smart can be configured flexibly. Both manual and automatic loading and unloading concepts are available. With both models, loading is carried out with pre-loaded product carriers that can hold assemblies up to 650 x 650 mm. Flexible cooling options, a vacuum and the injection principle also ensure reliable processes with this model in a partially automated production environment with a medium-size production volume.

Loading concept

  1. Loading with pre-assembled product carriers
  2. Soldering/vacuum/cooling under liquid
  3. Cooling
  4. Unloading product carriers
  5. Manual loading/unloading of individual assemblies

Flexible cooling process achievable

Various cooling processes can be used, depending on requirements. The system is equipped with air cooling in the cooling section as standard. Cooling is also possible inside the process chamber under liquid. For particularly large and heavy boards, water cooling is also recommended for the cooling section. This allows cooling to take place from the underside, too. Flexible cooling gradients can thus be achieved


Loading with product carriers can be carried out manually or automatically. The basic product carrier is designed for a max. surface load of 5kg. Adjustable LP edge supports (max. 5kg surface load) and an adjustable centre support (max. 5kg surface load) are available as options.

For particularly heavy assemblies, the surface load can be increased from 5kg to a maximum of 15kg as an option.