REHM CondensoXM

Inline-capable system for automated processes

The CondensoXM smart can be integrated into any production environment. You can install the system as an island solution for several production areas and load it manually. Alternatively, upstream handling systems can be used to automate loading. This reduces cycle times and ensures the optimal soldering results even with larger volumes. Flexible cooling options inside and outside the process chamber – with and without nitrogen – guarantee optimal cooling rates and the correct temperature for downstream production processes such as x-ray inspection or functional testing. Virtually void-free soldering results can also be achieved with the vacuum option.

Loading concept

  1. Loading with pre-assembled product carriers
  2. Soldering/Vacuum/Cooling under liquid
  3. Cooling
  4. Unloading product carriers
  5. Manual loading/unloading of individual assemblies

Additional vacuum pump

The CondensoXM smart can be equipped with an additional vacuum pump. This increases reliability, which is necessary in particular for critical assemblies which make increased demands on the vacuum process. Moreover, two vacuum pumps can be used to reduce the cycle time and thus increase productivity for vacuum applications under 10mbar in particular.

Flexible loading

The CondensoXM smart can be opened on the operator’s side for loading or unloading assemblies. The assemblies can therefore be manually placed on or removed from a goods carrier which is already in the system. The goods carrier remains in the system, which enables ergonomic, manual loading.