REHM smartline

Optimal process sequence for high throughput

The Condenso smartline is designed for a production environment that requires a fully automated inline connection. Loading is carried out directly from the feed conveyor in front of the system. The soldering process takes place in the process chamber, which can be flooded with nitrogen. If cooling under liquid is required, this can be integrated into the process chamber as an option. After the soldering process, the product carrier is moved into the cooling zone and the assemblies are cooled down to the optimal temperature. The assemblies are then removed automatically onto a downstream conveyor belt. The empty product carrier is moved back to the loading area in the system.

Automatic loading

The Condenso smartline works with a pusher for loading the product carriers already in the system. The assemblies are pushed from a feed conveyor onto the product carrier. The product carrier can be equipped with a centre support for each track. A maximum of 6 tracks are possible on each product carrier. The max. assembly size is 650 x 650 mm. Unloading of the product carriers is also carried out with the pusher, which moves them onto the downstream conveyor belt.

Active Galden® filtering

After soldering, the assembly is passed onto the cooling process. Process gas is extracted and cleaned at the same time. Therefore, a large part of the Galden® can be reused, a solution that is particularly material-friendly and environmentally-friendly! A vacuum is created during extraction which also ensures that soldering material is dried quickly.