Regeneration Tool

Regenerate your cells by reducing the LID effect

Monocrystalline silicon wafers made from Czochralski enable high-quality solar cells to be manufactured and are often used for the production of PERC cells. However, they are affected by a significant reduction in the level of cell efficiency within the first few hours under solar radiation. This effect is known as “light induced degradation (LID)”. Since solar cells and modules are sold according to their properties, there is significant economic potential in the field of regenerating this effect. The Rehm LID regeneration systems have two advantages based on the laser technology which they feature. The high level of radiation power which is available is easy to control and can be adjusted to all different kinds of cell technology and predecessor processes, which guarantees almost perfect regeneration. Another advantage is the very small footprint. This means that it is easy to integrated into existing line concepts.

High level of process flexibility

The regeneration process of the cells is influenced by four different physical conditions in the cellular structure and has one of the largest process windows within cell production. Each regeneration process should therefore be optimised for each cell process. With the LID regeneration system by Rehm, it is possible to show a very wide range of lighting profiles in a smooth manner and to maintain the optimum temperature window for the process using the integrated cooling system. This guarantees that the customer can find the optimum settings for their process and generate the highest regeneration ration.

Compact construction

In dialogue with our customers, we created a system which achieves a very high level of availability with a high throughput, whilst also having a compact construction. Due to the small amount of space which is required, the system can also be integrated into existing lines which are already tight for space. Regardless of the small outer measurements, the clever component arrangement ensures that the system is easy to maintain and user-friendly.

Smart software for your manufacturing

Would you like to reliably monitor, manage and document all processes? The Visu 2 includes process tools, remote control and barcode connection options. A simple ‘wafer counter’ system is possible, as is full connection to an MES system for the intelligent collection of operating and machine data. The Visu 2 has an intuitive user interface, which considerably reduces configuration and operator training costs. Extensive documentation can be retrieved in just a few clicks. The Visu 2 also offers password-protected administration with several levels, language selection, data display and maintenance logs.