Reflow Oven MSTX

Vertical Reflow Oven MSTX-600

Automatic vertical reflow oven. Ready for large PCB’S, simple to operate, reliable performance

Automatic vertical curing oven is specially used after dispensing backend process and to solve the bottleneck operation process. This automatic curing system is composed of seven parts: PCB entry (pallet) device, lifting device, transition device, PCB exit device, heating device, width adjusting device and control system.

The control system adopts self-developed PLC, the driving motor is stepper motor and servo motor of famous brand. Friendly touch screen interface makes the whole system precise, simple to operate, reliable performance, continuous curing process and adjustable curing time, which is the best choice for curing process.

  • PCB size: 600x600mm (L*W)
  • Conveyor: Bottom and return
  • Distance between slots: 50mm
  • Numbers of slots: front 32 cages, rear 32 cages
  • Weight: More than 6kg per layer
  • Zones: 3 Temperature zones and 5 probes
  • Heating control:
    • Temperature monitoring probes (thermocouple)
    • Heating speed can be adjusted
  • Photoelectric sensor: Detect the position of PCB
  • Fiber optic sensor: Detect the position of PCB
  • Lifting limit detection fiber
  • Width adjusting device: The moving rail moves to adjust the width
  • Safety: CE Safety measures and protection devices

Photoelectric Sensor


Fiber Optic Sensor


Model MSTX-600
General specifications
Dimension 1800*1880*2200 mm-L*W*H
Weight 1600KG
Heating zone qty Top 2, bottom 2
Direction Left to right, up to bottom
Power 3P 380V 50/60HZ
Total power 26.4KW
Running power 17KW
PCB width 100*100-600*600mm
PCB thickness 2*5mm – pallet:5*45mm
PCB bending rate Up& bottom ≤1.0mm
Conveying height 900±50mm
Gap height ≥50.8mm
Stocking PCB qty Top:32 layers – bottom:32 layers
Conveying method Support strip
Distance 25.4mm
Conveying speed 0-2000mm/min adjustable
Bearable weight 6KG/layer
Heating modular 4pcs
Heating time 18min
Oven surface temp. ≤65°C (under room temp.)
Controllable temp Indoor 200°C
Heating compensation temp ±3°C
Control accuracy ±3°C
Control method Touch screen+ PLC / industrial computer+ PLC
Data monitor Computer data record and enquiry
Authorization Can be set
In accord to national standard Yes
Abnormal temp. stop Signal of PCB enter and exit, trigger device
Heat radiation system Yes
Protection device Safe guardrail, emergency stop, safe marks
Safe device Open the safety door to alarm and automatically shift to temp. dropping mode
Over temp. protection device Heating stops, PCBs inside come out
Fire-proof level B1/A
Warranty 2 years
Scene training Yes
Technique support 48 hours
Intelligent terminal Available
Software upgrade Free of charge