Reflow Oven MSTR

Reflow Oven MSTR-800-1000-1200

Reflow oven convection with 8-10-12 heating zones + cooling

The MSTR series of reflow ovens, including the MSTR-800, MSTR-1000 and MSTR-1200, are forced thermal convection reflow soldering ovens, used to join electronic components to a PCB printed circuit. The MSTR series is PC controlled, with a friendly interface and many software functions.

Tunnel structure of automatic conveyor is made up of preheating zones, soldering zones and cooling zones. The heating zones can be controlled separately through PID. Meshwork and chain convey the PCB synchronously and conveyor speed can be controlled by PID. Chain conveyor ensures that on-line connection between reflow oven and other equipment is accessible.

The MSTR series achieves an excellent temperature distribution and stable heating process by a carefully design, unique heating way and unique thermal convection. This thermal convection provides uniformity, saves electronic power and achieves the best soldering.