Digital control pump controller PUMPMASTER ME-5000P

High precision pump / valve control by digital control is possible!

・ME-5000P is controller that high precision stable dispense of pump / valve is possible.
・By digital control, we realize superior operability and reproducibility.
・As monitoring of dispensing movement is possible, by External input and output signal, we show power in device Equipped.

Model ME-5000P
Discharge pressure setting Electro/ pneumatic method
Time indication ME-5000P-CTR-T1 0.010-9.999s
ME-5000P-CTR-T2 0.01-99.99s
ME-5000P-CTR-T3 0.1-999.9s
ME-5000P-CTR-T4 1-9999s
Time indication Four columns of LED digital display
(with stopwatch function)
Movement mode Timed, manual
Outside input signal Dispense Input
Outside Output signal Discharge completion signal
Rating power supply and frequency AC100~240V 50/60Hz
Exterior dimensions W175 X D175 X H108mm
(we do not include protrusion)
Weight 2.0 kg
Conformity standard CE marking (low voltage order, EMC order)