Engineered for speed and accuracy, the PSV7000 gives you blazing fast throughput and highest up-time

  • Up to 2000 devices/hour with tray, tape and tube
  • Optimized system for faster file download
  • Alignment-on-the-fly
  • Zero mechanical changeover
  • FlashCORE III programming engine

Designed for ultimate flexibility and zero changeover, the PSV7000 is meticulously designed to support the most demanding requirements

  • Small parts handling down to 1.5mm x 1.5mm
  • Greatest socket density: scalable up to 24 FlashCORE III programmers for up to 96 sockets
  • Concurrently installed media options including dual input tray feeder, tape & tube
  • Ergonomic design for easy access

The PSV7000 delivers unprecedented capability & quality for the lowest total cost of ownership

  • Up to 50% less cost per programmed part
  • Investment protection for FlashCORE customers’ adapters, algorithms, programming jobs & value added software
  • Lowest total cost of ownership
Velocity. Versatility. Value.
System with “gull-wing” style doors open
for easy access to work envelop
Device Handling System
Up to 2000 devices per hour with tape, tray or tube
•Placement Accuracy:
± .03 mm
•Placement Force:
Compliant probe tips, combined with
precision placement means the chance for bent pins is
virtually eliminated
•Pick-and-Place Method:
2 single vacuum nozzles
•Component Detection:
vacuum sensor
•Frame Dimensions:
1250 mm W x 1280 mm D x
1500 mm H (not including media I/O & monitor)
•Shipping Dimensions:
1504 mm W x 1534 mm D x
1754 mm H (not including media I/O)
•Net Weight:
•Shipping Weight:
CE Compliant, RoHS, WEEE
Alignment-on-the-fly alignment (laser based)
•Component Processing Range:
(1.5 mm x 1.5 mm)
to (32 mm x 32 mm)
Positioning System
•X-Y drive system:
Servo-driven belt drive
•X-Y-axis resolution:
±.001 mm using linear encoders
•Theta-axis resolution:
.072° servo drive
•X-Y encoder type:
linear/rotary dual encoder
•Z-drive system:
stepper belt-drive
•Theta Drive System:
servo motor
I/O Media Options
•Dual Input Tray Feeder
supports up to 20 JEDEC trays and
presents two trays of unprogrammed devices into the work
envelop. Jobs ending with blank and programmed devices mixed
are sorted at the end of the job.
Dual Input Tray Feeder-EX has an extra tray postion ensuring
programmed and blank devices never mix
Hover Davis Tape-in 8 mm to 56 mm tape-width
V-Tek tape out system 8 mm to 56 mm tape-
•Tube-In / Out:
Available without any special tooling
•Manual Tray:
Available without any special tooling
Device Marking Options
Laser Marker option is modular and integrated into the work
•Laser Marker:
Solid-state pulsed fiber laser for
alpha-numeric / graphic / 2D bar-code laser marks up
to 28 mm x 28 mm mark area
10 Watt
Additional Options
3D Coplanarity Vision System
2D Downward Vision System for faster & easier teach
• Lumen X
System Requirements
•Air Pressure:
80 psi (5.5 bar)
•Air Flow:
•Operational Temperature:
55° F – 90° F
•Input Line Voltage:
phase 220V
•Input Line Frequency:
50 –
60 Hz
•Power Consumption:
35% to 90% RH
• TaskLink for Windows
• AH700
• ConneX
• Windows 7
Support Options
• Operator training
• Annual Programmer Support
Service Spares
•PSV7000 Basic Spares Kit
•PSV7000 Supplemental
Spares Kit
•PS-FlashCORE III Spares Kit