The PSV3000 automated programming system is the cost effective entry point for high quality Data I/O programming for Asian Markets

The PSV3000 is available for sale in select markets in China and South East Asia.  Please contact our sales team for additional information and to request an evaluation.

Engineered with leading handling & programming technology to easily manage your programming jobs.

  • Up to 1000 devices/hour with tray and tape configurations
  • Flexible media options including Tray Feeder, Tape-in/Tape-out, Static Tray, Dedicated Reject Tray, Serial Number Server
  • Optimized algorithms and access to tens of thousands of algorithms

Designed for highest quality programming, uptime and production yield

  • Trusted FlashCOREIII programming engine
  • Data I/O’s perfected pick and place head
  • Data I/O’s proven robotics handling and system management software
  • Integrated vision system
  • Genuine Data I/o Adapters for low noise & high yield

Significantly reduce your labor and total cost of programming

  • Save up to 8x of your labor expense by moving from manual to automated programming
  • Reduce your total cost of programming by up to 2x
  • Compatible with all existing FlashCORE adapters and algorithms
  • Recepticalized sockets for reduces adapter cost