Capacity measuring type fixed-quantity dispense valve (former: plunger pump valve) PPV-5

Fixed-quantity dispense which is high precision is realized by Capacity measuring type

・Capacity measuring type fixed-quantity dispense valve which realized expensive seal characteristics by original mechanism.
・Correct by micrometer calipers as for the dispensing volume setting and simple control.
・Superior corrosion resistance.
・Dispense stable regardless of temperature change of liquid materials in high precision

Model PPV-5-2P
Drive system Air operation rate type
Discharge volume range 1-90μl
Adaptation liquid materials viscosity ~30Pa・s (~30,000cps)
Adaptation liquid material Overall low to moderate viscosity liquid material
Operation air pressure 0.05 – 0.5MPa
Maximum Fluid feed pressure 0.33MPa
Maximum reply number of times 120 times of /min.
Connection diameter Liquid entrance Rc1/8
(Fluid feed successor places an order separately)
Liquid discharge opening Lure lock
Air operation port One-touch coupling for external diameter φ 6 tube
(with speed controller)
Operating temperature limits 5~60 degrees Celsius
Weight 200 g
Wetted part material Stainless steel, fluoric resin

※Dispensing volume of this Specifications, adaptation viscosity, adaptation materials are reference levels.