PlasmaLINK Remote Control Software

PlasmaLINK is a remote-control software package enabling customers to remotely operate and collect data from Nordson MARCH’s AP series and RIE-1701 plasma systems

PlasmaLINK software enables remote data monitoring, data capture, system control, trending, recipe management, and parameter control. The software allows you to remotely operate the plasma system, as well as track data in real-time and download data for your statistical analysis purposes. To enable all PlasmaLINK features, the plasma system requires the expansion PLC module, and connection to a PC/network as described below.

PC minimum system requirements:

  • Windows® XP SP2 or greater
  • PC LAN port, 100 Mbit or greater
  • USB port: 1 or more (for software activation hardware key)
  • LAN cable, CAT 5 or 6 (crossover cable for direct connection to PC, patch cable for network connection)

PlasmaLINK kit contents:

  • CD-ROM containing PlasmaLINK program
  • Hardware key (USB-type) for activating software
  • System-internal expansion PLC module (installed prior to shipment, or at customer site)

Applicable Nordson MARCH Plasma Systems:

  • AP Batch Series (AP-300, 600, 1000, and 1500)
  • RIE-1701 Reactive Ion Etch System

ProcessLINK™ software adds bar code reading capabilities to the PlasmaLINK software package.