Pick & Place

Pick & Place Handlers
for MEMS and Sensors

Extreme productivity: Over 33,000 UPH
1-50X parallel handling
up to 200X parallel contacting and testing
High-speed soft-impact handling
Pick&Test 0,5×0,5mm to 40x40mm device size
Wide Range of stimulus units
Jam rate < 1:10,000
Package changeover < 5 minutes

SPEA Handlers are complemented by the widest range of test units, to combine in a single equipment all the elements of handling, contacting, physical stimulus and complete testing of MEMS or other IC devices.

Multiple stimuli can be combined in a single test unit, to test combo MEMS, such as environmental sensors (pressure + humidity + gas + temperature) or navigation sensors (accelerometer + gyroscope + compass).

The test area can be easily reconfigured on field with different test units, while the configuration of multi-stage test units enhances the system productivity: up to 200 devices can be contacted and tested simultaneously, offering the highest throughput.

very high parallelism
– 1-50X parallel handling
– up to 200X parallel contacting and testing
– 80 tray load capacity
– non-stop operation (2-cassette tray loading)

no waste time for tray defrag
– dedicated I/O defrag units to cover fails
or disabled sites

high-speed, zero-shock handling
– over 33,000 UPH
– 2 motorized heads with 1-50 pickups each
and vision unit
– friction-less motion with linear motors
– controlled axis motion profile curve to stop at
zero-g acceleration for soft device releasing

lowest jam rate
– automatic compensation of tray defects
(shape, planarity, improper dimensions)
– device auto-alignment and presence
verification in contacting unit

Input tray – loader/unloader
– 50 JEDEC trays loading capacity
– tray loading/unloading during operation
– precisor unit for device pre-alignment
– 8” wafer size (predisposed for 12”)
– Die size: 0.2×0.2×0.1 to 9×9 mm

input bulk – bowl feeder unit
– high operation autonomy
– optical check by high-speed camera
– bowl refil during handling operation
– possible concurrent installation with tray
loading unit
– 5S inspection and optical check by high-speed camera

input wafe/strip – wafer/strip frame loader

– detach and pick devices from wafer (8/12”) or strip on blue tape or UV tape

– Optical inspection on 6 sides

– Wafer change time <2 min

output bulk – box
– anti-static
– zinc-coated iron plate
– 314x130x70mm dimensions

output tape and reel – reel sort unit
– dual output reel
– masked reel exchange
– optical check of pin 1 orientation before
tape sealing