Pemtron SEM


Scanning Electron Microscope


High Performance & Excellent Price
The PS series SEM has been designed to bridge the gap between tabletop SEMs and higher priced standard SEMs. Our SEMs offer performance at an excellent value. The PS-230 SEM price is comparable to tabletop SEMs and offers better performance and capability. The PS series SEM provides 3nm resolution (@30kV) which is the ultimate resolution for conventional tungsten SEMs.
Fast Sample Exchange
The PS series is designed to handle samples up to 140mm with minimum pump down time. Users can exchange samples and be imaging in 3 minutes.

Quick and Easy Operation

Imaging is quick and easy with the PS series SEM. The user interface and navigation system allow non-experts to take quality images.

GUI Functions for Easy Operation
  • Auto Controls
  • Navigation
  • Image Manager
  • Auto Controls

Optional items for the PS Series SEM

The PS series SEM has a number of options available for enhanced analytical capability and ease of use.

  • Low vacuum
  • Back Scatter Electron Detector (BSE)
  • Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS)
  • Electron Backscatter Detection (EBSD)
  • Wavelength Dispersive Spectroscopy (WDS)
  • Chamber scope
  • Ion sputtering system
  • Joystick and trackball control


  • Excellent energy resolution down to Beryllium
  • High resolution
  • High speed acquisition
  • LN2 free SDD detector
  • Makers:
  • EDAX Apollo-X
  • Oxford X-Max
  • Bruker Qantax
  • PulseTor On-X


  • Wide angle scintillator, catching large number of BSEs
  • High resolution and Short Working Distance
  • Good image acquisition below 2kV beam voltage


  • Ion Sputter Coater
  • Sputtering system : Top Electrode discharge system
  • Target : 57mm dia Au disk (standard) Pt&Carbon Available
  • Vacuum Chamber : 120mm dia x 110mm H (Glass chamber)