Assembly machine for active components on PCB Plus 13CII

This machine is designed to automatically assemble and clamp active components on printed circuit boards. The machine operates automatically.

  • Feeding of circuits on base pallet.
  • Capacity of up to 4 feeders.
  • The feeders can be:
    • Relays in the form of a magazine and tubes.
    • Resistances, diodes or radial feeders.
    • Capacitors, Shunt, Polyswitch or radial feeders.
    • Etc.
  • Capability to work on a network.
  • Servo-actuated lower coordinate system for clamping legs.
  • Communication can be by SMEMA protocol.
  • Servo-actuated gripper for picking up components.
  • Venturi system for picking up components.
  • Upper Vision System on Lower for the correction of the program and inspection of components.
  • Actuated by means of linear motors

Production: Time approx 1.8 s/component


  • Weight: 1700kg
  • Length: 2300
  • Width: 2300
  • Height: 2000