ODF MLC-7500

It supports every Liquid crystal dripping pattern

-”ODF system equipment” of world No. 1

・Stable high speed, high precision drip is realized by high efficiency drip head.
・Drip speed than 5 times speedup. (of that of the conventional company products)
・We handle LC change maintenance in a short time.
-UP large with productivity, multi-head-adaptive –
・Drip unit realizes high throughput by multi-head Equipped.
-Operation – simple by drip pattern, quantity of drip setting
・Kind reshuffling is easy by programmed input of shell in touch panel, too.

Model MLC-7500
Dispensing use TFT Liquid crystal dripping process
Panel size We correspond to G6, G7
Programmed input method It is programmed input of shell in touch panel
Drip head Multi-head
Addition function Dispense confirmation sensor, residual quantity detection sensor, dispensing volume automatic compensation, automatic weighing system (optional)
Exterior dimensions W3,200 X D3,400 X H2,500mm (G6 size)
Weight 9,000 kg (G6 size)