FX-942 AOI System

The FX-942 dual sided automated optical inspection system offers high-speed PCB assemblies inspection with exceptional defect coverage, inspecting solder joints and verifying correct part assembly, enabling users to improve quality and increase throughput.

In-line Dual Sided Optical Inspection

  • Dual sided imaging with full travel imaging sensors
  • 1 vertical and 4 optional angle cameras per side
  • Up to 100 mm clearance
  • High speed inspection and transfer
  • High defect coverage / low false failure
  • Picture in Picture (P-in-P) feature
  • MES / Industry 4.0 compatible

Automated Inspection for

• THT component and solder defects
• SMT component presence and position
• Wave / Selective solder joint inspection
• Correct part / polarity value

Nordson YESTECH’s advanced multiple color camera imaging technology offers high-speed PCB inspection with exceptional defect coverage. With dual sided top-down and bottom up viewing cameras, the FX-942 inspects solder joints and verifies correct part assembly in pre wave or post wave applications enabling users to improve quality and enhance yields.

The FX-942 is highly effective for selective solder, post wave and connector inspections. Off-line programming maximizes machine utilization and real-time SPC monitoring provides a valuable yield enhancement solution.

FX-942 Multi-function system with top-down and bottom up
viewing with optional 4 side camera inspection
Optional Upgrades: Laser Height point measurement
Throughput: Up to 30 sq. in./sec. > 1.5 million components per
Maximum Board Size: 15.5” x 15.5” (395 mm x 395 mm)
Clearance: 4” (100mm) top size and 2” (50mm) bottom
Minimum Component Size: 01005 with high magnification option
False Calls: <500 PPM (<0.05% typical)
Defects Detected: Part: position, missing, wrong, polarity,
skew, tombstone
Lead: bent, lifted, bridging, pin measurement
Solder: open, insufficient, short, solder balls
Connectors: pin inspection
Algorithms: Color, OCV, OCR, barcode recognition, both image and
rule-based algorithms. Optional 3D
Data Requirements: ASCII Text, X-Y position, part #, ref. #, polarity
CAD Translation Package: Aegis, Fabmaster, YESTECH CAD Utility T
Programming Skill Level: Technician or operator
Operating System: Windows 7
Off-line Software: Optional – Rework, Review and Program Creation Basic
SPC Software: SPC included – Optional: Real-time local and remote
monitoring of first pass yield, defect trends, and
machine utilization.
Data Outputs: Text, SQL, ODBC, MS Access, XML
Material Handling: SMEMA, dual direction auto width conveyor,
pass / fail signals, board clamping
Lighting: Proprietary Fusion Lighting™ multiangle LED
Imager: Up to 15 megapixel color camera sensor each side
12 or 8 micron pixel size
Power: 110-220VAC, 50/60 Hz, 15 amps
Air input: 60 PSI min., 1/4” air hose, 2 CFM
Footprint: 39” x 52” x 60” (1000mm x 1329mm x 1531mm)
Weight: 950 lbs (430 kg)
Machine Installation: < 1 hour