Needle control valve NCV-17/NCV-17-L

We realize the nature and small amount dispense running out of outstanding liquid

・It supports small amount dispense of liquid materials with UV, filler.
・We reduce bubble mixture.
・Liquid materials invasion to Moving parts is prevented by diaphragm structure.
・It is most suitable for mount the automatic machine at chine type, Compact-size, light weight.
・Large flow quantity type of approximately 3 times is line-up liquid flow, too.

Large flow quantity type

Model NCV-17-1P-1N NCV-17-1P-S6 NCV-17-L-1P-2N
Drive system Air operation rate type
The smallest dispensing volume 3μL 9μL
Adaptation viscosity … 50Pa, s
Operation air Supply pressure is 0.35~0.5MPa
Liquid material Supply pressure range Up to 0.5MPa
Maximum reply number of times 680 times of /min.
Connection diameter Liquid material supply port Rc1/8
(Fluid feed successor places an order separately)
6mm outside diameter stainless steel pipe
(Fluid feed successor places an order separately)
(Fluid feed successor places an order separately)
Liquid material discharge opening Lure lock
Operation air One-touch coupling for external diameter φ 4 tube
(with speed controller)
Operating temperature limits 5~60 degrees Celsius
Weight 193 g 216 g 222 g
Wetted part material SUS, fluoric resin, Polyacetal SUS, fluoric resin

※ Dispensing volume of this Specifications, adaptation viscosity, the biggest reply number of times are reference levels.