NA Select UV-9

Select Cure UV-9 Cure Oven

Nordson ASYMTEK’s Select Cure® UV-9 in-line oven is ideal for top and bottom material curing of parts up to 420 mm in size in mid-to-high volume production

  • Optional closed-loop monitoring of lamp power to ensure highly repeatable curing
  • A variety of options and lamp types are available to further ensure that the oven meets customer specific needs while maintaining high performance
  • Easy to use software tracking of lamp life (via Select Coat® conformal coating system)
  • Easily integrated with any dispensing or coating system
  • Runs cooler to extend the life of electronic components

The heart of the Select Cure® UV-9 system is in the arc lamp technology with adjustable UV intensity. It is combined with a unique ventilation design that dissipates heat generated from the UV lamp. This combination keeps the temperature and rate of rise at acceptable levels while maximizing production and lamp lifetime because the lamps run cooler.

A closed-loop feature ensures process reliability and compensates for the eventual lamp degradation by measuring and adjusting power levels for UVA. Therefore, the desired profile is maintained within +/- 5% of the programmed specifications. Other options and lamp types are available to further ensure that the oven meets customer specific needs while maintaining high performance.

Additionally, a standard SMEMA-compatible chain conveyor with 5-mm pins enables the processing of boards and is easily integrated with any dispensing or coating system. The conveyor can be configured for either left-to-right or right-to-left flow with electrical width adjustment.

Further benefits of the Select Cure® UV-9 system include adjustable power levels, easy and low maintenance operation, optional top and bottom side curing of materials up to 420 mm (16.5 in), and it does not interfere with wireless networks.


  • Will not interfere with wireless networks
  • Adjustable power levels
  • Low maintenance and easy to operate
  • Optional top and bottom side curing of materials up to 420 mm (16.5 in.)

Dimensions: 1400 x 1200 x 1526 mm
(55.12 x 47.24 x 60.1 in.)
2086 mm (82.13 in.)
including beacon
Noise level: 68 dB @ 1 m
Light Tower
3-Light Configuration with buzzer
Red: Alarm
Orange solid: Oven not ready (start-up,
cooling down, downstream
SMEMA no ready etc.)
Green flashing: Lamp in stand-by mode, but ready
for production pending
on up-stream SMEMA
Green solid: Run
Type: Chain conveyor with 5-mm pins
Component clearance: 100 mm top and bottom
Conveyor height: 920 to 1000 mm
(36.22 to 39.37 in.)
Conveyor speed: 300 to 1500 mm/min
(1-4.92 ft/min)
Conveyor width: 50 to 420 mm (1.97 to 16.54 in.)
Conveyor length: 1400 mm (55.12 in.)
Maximum load: 4Kg/m (2.69 lbs/ft)
evenly distributed
10.83 m3/min @ 40 mm WC, 250 mm exhaust duct
(382.5 SCFM @ 1.57 in. WC, 10 in. exhaust duct)

Facilities Requirements
Weight: 250 kg (551 lbs) (approximate)
Power: 400VAC 3 phases

Other Standard Features
Integrated operator interface on coating or dispensing system
Software-controlled conveyor width adjustment
Light beacon
Exhaust control
Door and safety interlocks
SMEMA compatible conveyor
Close-loop UVA lamp regulation
Traffic control
Board counter
Board jam detection (entry and exit)
Automatic width adjust for conveyors
Right to left conveyor direction
Heavy-duty conveyor:
8Kg/m (5.38 lbs/ft) evenly distributed
Reduces maximum conveyor width to 400 mm (1.3 ft)
Traceability software
Entrance conveyor covered extension
Exit conveyor covered extension
Recipes and data log storage
Touch screen for oven monitoring and control
Special paint
Dual-lane conveyor
Iron-doped lamp
Gallium-doped lamp
Power packs for different power configurations
Inlet and outlet shutters (air supply required)
220 mm lamp (140W/cm)
220 mm lamp (200W/cm)