NA SC-280N/280C

Select Coat SC-280N/SC-280C Film Coater Applicator

Nordson ASYMTEK’s Select Coat SC-280N/SC-280C non-atomized film coaters provide automated, selective application of conformal coating materials with viscosities of less than 100 centipoise. Coating thicknesses range from 125 to 750 µm (0.5 to 3 mils) for solvent-based materials and 0.1 to 0.2 mm (4 to 8 mils) for 100-percent solid materials.

The Select Coat® SC-280N/SC-280C film coaters provide precision and dependability to the application of conformal coating materials

  • Accurate edge definition is achieved through precise, selective material application
  • High coating velocity and versatility increase throughput
  • Virtually eliminates masking through precise, selective material application
  • Variable pattern width allows for optimal selectivity
  • Increased process controls through the optional closed-loop fan pattern control

With a transfer efficiency of virtually 100 percent, the film coater applicator improves conformal coating utilization by 30 to 50 percent. Because the coating material is not atomized, over-spray, masking, and rework associated with conventional conformal coating processes is virtually eliminated.

When configured with the optional Fifth-Axis Tilt Accessory, the SC-280N/SC-280C has enhanced access to tight or hard-to-reach areas that might not be achievable with the standard downward approach (0 degrees).

The design of the SC-280N and SC-280C are based on the Nordson ASYMTEK’s popular Select Coat® SC-204/SC-104 film coater applicators, which have been an industry standard for many years.

The SC-280N and SC-280C applicators are available on the Select Coat® conformal coating system.


  • Flexibility is maximized with a variety of process optimized nozzles
  • Non-atomized coating provides virtually 100 percent transfer efficiency
  • Selectively coats complex circuit boards in seconds
  • Improves material utilization, achieves less waste, and reduces costs
  • Use of non-atomized process and a ventilated system reduces VOC emissions
  • Stainless steel fluid path provides compatibility with a range of materials
  • Compatible with the heated, circulating fluid system

Film pattern width: 6 to 19 mm (0.24 to 0.75 in.)
Masking required: no
Material viscosity: under 100 cPs
Application thickness:
Solvent-based materials: 10 to 76 μm (0.0004 to 0.003 in.)
Edge tolerance: ±0.75 mm (± 0.03 in.)
Transfer efficiency: over 99%
Coating velocity: up to 750 mm/sec (up to 30 in./sec)
Typical fluid dispense pressure: 100 to 410 kPa (15 to 59 psi)
Body Material: stainless steel, 300 series
Model N: non-circulating
Model C: circulating, used with heated viscosity control system
SC-280N and SC-280C: U.S. Patent 9,346,074
Featured Options
Fifth-Axis Tilt
Laser Fan Width Control
Dual-Simultaneous Programmable Pitch