NA Needle Sensor

Needle Sensor

The Needle Sensor module automatically compensates for the XYZ changes in needle position due to needle bends or changes between production runs

The Needle Sensor module reduces manual adjustment time and minimizes operator error. It is available as an option on the Select Coat® SL-940 conformal coating system.

Needle positions can shift after changeover and they can be bent if they come into contact with obstacles such as hanging cables or components that were repositioned during an upstream process. With the Needle Sensor module, the needle position can be verified using process controls that are available on the Select Coat conformal coating system. The Needle Sensor module detects the z-position and the X and Y direction of the needle tip. Easy Coat® software automatically corrects the conformal coating production to match the detected needle tip location. If a needle is detected outside of the process limits, the operator is notified to intervene.

Programmers can define the intervals and conditions that trigger the execution of the verification routine. For example, it might be necessary to verify the needle tip location at the beginning of production run, at a specific timed interval, or when a specific number of products have been coated. Verification routines can also be initiated as a result of other events or process control capabilities on the Select Coat conformal coating system.

Minimum needle length: 0.125 in.
Minimum needle diameter: 30 gage
Accuracy: ±0.005 in.
Repeatability: ±0.002 in.
NOTE: The Needle sensor does not compensate for XYZ changes in needle position due to tolerances in parts, tooling or fixtures.