NA Laser Fan

Laser Fan Width Options

Laser Fan Width Verification checks to ensure that the proper fluid pattern width is being used during production. Programmers can define process limits for the respective fan width, and specify a required response that will occur if the fan width is outside those limits. For example, an operator can be directly prompted to complete a manual width adjustment.

Laser Fan Width Options improve repeatability for conformal coating applications and lead to higher yield and increased traceability

The unmatched performance of Nordson ASYMTEK’s unique film coater technology is further elevated through the addition of process control that ensures coating width – independent of viscosity. Coating materials can have different viscosities across batches and material viscosities might also change over time. These differences can lead to variation in the fluid pattern during production.

Laser Fan Width Control eliminates manual width adjustment – resulting in increased quality and yield. Laser Fan Width Control provides a closed-loop process control that automatically verifies and adjusts fan width to keep it within the defined process limits. Laser Fan Width Control is contingent on the optional Prime process controls and Prime fluid system.


  • Automatically verifies fan width using laser beam for repeatable coating patterns
  • Compensates for viscosity variations during the coating process
  • Offers programmable width verification and correction frequency to increase throughput and yield
  • With the Prime configuration – multiple, programmable fan widths are available through Easy Coat® software
  • Provides data logging of production parameters for statistical process control

Supporting Systems
Select Coat® SL-940 Conformal Coating System
Fluid Delivery Method
SC-104/105 Heated, Circulating Film Coaters
SC-204/205 Non-Circulating Film Coaters
SC-280 Circulating and Non-Circulating Film Coaters
Easy Coat® software