NA Four-Position

Four-Position Tilt Accessory

Nordson ASYMTEK’s Four-Position Tilt Accessory enables the SC-300 Swirl Coat® Applicator and the SC-400 PreciseCoat® Conformal Coating Jet to coat four sides of a part or areas not accessible from the standard vertical approach

The Four-Position Tilt accessory provides increased access to hard-to-reach areas that require conformal coating. The tilt accessory provides the standard upright position and tilts the applicator at 30 degrees from the vertical position to the left, right, front or back in 90 degree increments.

Programmers can set and modify the specific tilt parameters for each coating element within EasyCoat®  software. Software reconfiguration for the tilt accessory is easy, and the tilt functionality can be made available within minutes.

Four-Position Tilt is ideal for coating component sides or underneath components on a printed circuit board.

The accessory easily mounts directly onto the z-head of Nordson ASYMTEK’s Select Coat® SL-940 conformal coating system, and the SC-300 or SC-400 applicator is then mounted onto the accessory. Flow control fittings and a pressure regulator complete the set-up. Existing SL-940 systems can be easily retrofitted to include the tilt accessory.


  • Conformal coating access in four tilt positions
  • Software controlled
  • Easy to integrate on conformal coating systems
  • Available for the SC-300 and SC-400 applicators
Description X-axis – mm (in.) Y axis – mm (in.)
Standard dispense area (with idle station) 457 (18.0) 381 (15.0)
Dispense area accessible with tilt mode engaged (4 positions approaching from the outside into each of the four sides of a PCB) 387 (15.3) 346 (13.6)