NA Dual-Sim

Dual-Simultaneous Bracket

With the Dual-Simultaneous Bracket (manual or motorized pitch adjustment) the Select Coat® conformal coating system can be equipped with two of the same applicators that operate simultaneously to conformally coat two parts at the same time

  • Conformal coating time can be cut in halve by using Dual-Simultaneous Programmable Pitch on Nordson ASYMTEK’s Select Coat® Conformal Coating System
  • Throughput time is doubled, especially when conducting a high takt time conformal coating process or when multi-up panelized or patterned parts with consistent spacing are used
  • Automated high-mix production environments are enhanced because the setup time normally required during changeover is eliminated
  • Unlike a manual bracket where the operator must reposition the applicator pitch at each changeover, the motorized design does the repositioning to match the programmed pitch
  • Flexibility is high in both the configuration and accommodation of conformal coating different parts

Throughput is increased significantly with the dual-simultaneous configuration. The Select Coat system can coat two parts (multiple-up) at the same time. The actual conformal coating process time is reduced by 50% and throughput performance can virtually be doubled – especially when conducting a high takt time conformal coating process. Ideal parts include multi-up panelized or patterned parts with consistent spacing.

Pitch is adjusted in two ways depending on the type of bracket. With the manual bracket, an operator can easily adjust and clamp the desired pitch with set-screws. With the Dual-Simultaneous Programmable Pitch motorized bracket, the pitch is automatically repositioned to match the pitch that has been programmed through Easy Coat® software – increasing speed, accuracy, and repeatability.

Flexibility is high in both configuration and the ability to accommodate a variety of parts that require conformal coating. Additionally, applicators can be installed with rotate and tilt options to conformally coat complex PCB layouts.


  • Reduces coating process time by 50% – UPH is nearly doubled
  • Offered with manual or motorized pitch adjustment
  • Dual-Simultaneous Programmable Pitch (motorized) – enables automated high-mix production environments by eliminating operator dependencies and setup time
  • The versatile design supports current and future coating application needs

Dual-Simultaneous Bracket - Programmable Pitch Adjustment

Dual-Simultaneous Programmable Pitch

Dual-Simultaneous Bracket - Manual Pitch Adjustment

Dual-Simultaneous Manual Adjustment

Motion System

Speed: 30 mm/s (1.18 in./s)

Positional resolution: 0.01 mm (0.00039 in.)

Positional repeatability: 0.02 mm (0.008 in.) @ 1σ

Parallelism to conveyor: 0.1 mm (0.0039 in.)

Z height symmetry: 0.1 mm (0.0039 in.)

Estimated Dispense Area

Y Axis: 408 mm (16 in.)

X Axis: 500 mm – Valve Pitch in X (19.7 in. – Valve Pitch in X)

Note: Verify with the factory. Additional configuration requests may further impact work area.

*Using mirrored applicator bracket (ESR)