Rotary tubing dispenser MT-410

It is most suitable for small amount dispensing of anaerobic low viscosity fast-acting adhesives.

It is Suitable in dispensing needs that is wide from small amount intermittence dispense of low viscosity aversion-related liquid materials including fast-acting adhesives to consecutive dispense.

・Tube wearing that is smooth and certain by new mechanism is possible.
・Troublesome tube clearance adjusting is not necessary and realizes high precision dispensing.
・Because attachment and detachment of rotor is possible, maintenance, check is easy.
・Extension of life of Fluid feed tube is realized by New development tube wearing mechanism.
・We reduce Dripping and bubbling.
・”Digital timer” which we can set in one-touch at time Equipped.
・We prepare dispense pen with remote switch for Manually. (optional)

Model MT-410
Discharge pressure setting Rotary tubing method
Discharge time setting Digital timer (dejisuitchi)
Special function Dripping prevention vacuum rotor function
Outside input signal With contact point Input
Power supply, Power consumption AC100 – 240V 50/60Hz 25W
Exterior dimensions, weight W188 X D208 X H75mm 3.0 kg