MST Smart Inf

MST Smart Infinity


3 functions in 1 equipment in less than 30 seconds

MST Smart Infinity allows three functions which are usually managed separately.

  • Flipper
  • UV Led
  • CCAOI (Conformal Coating automatic optical Inspection) scanner control

The MST Smart Infinity saves space in the manufacturing production floor and increases production speed with only one operator.

The equipment can be integrated into a production line of electronic PCBA’s production equipment at the customer’s request.

Other versions will be developed: UV Oven / Laser Marking / Cleaning and Surface Activation.


PCBA from Dispensing/Coating machine to UVLEDFCCI The conveyor moves the PCBA under the UV LED lamp, flashing by the UV lamp CCI scanner inspection
No pass: PCBA will be ejected to the next machine
Pass: It continues the process
The flipper module returns the PCBA by conveyor to Dispensing/Coating The PCBA go to the UV lamp and polymerizes PCBA is placed under the CCI scanner inspection
No pass: PCBA will be ejected to the next machine
Pass: It continues the process

Depending on the result, the scanner will send the information to the central which will record and link it to the barcode of the PCBA, the PCBA is conveyed to the next equipment.

Modes Available

Technical Details

  • High precision camera: Recognizes PCB fiducial mark, PVB hole & fixture hole, etc.
  • Max. PCB size: <=330 x 440mm. Field of view.
  • Max. PCB Thickness: = 0.5 – 8mm
  • Max. component height: Up to 70mm
  • Color: Recognition of color, black and white of fixtures
  • Checking conformal coating coverage area: tolerances: >= +/- 0,1 mm with 21µm (20 sec. max / 430x330mm) or >= +/- 0,2 mm 42µm resolution (10 sec. max / 430x330mm)
  • Conformal coating thickness: Able to check automatically by calibrated topologic view
  • Cosmetic defects: Able to check per IPC. Our Conformal Coating AOI recognize bubbles bigger than 50µm. Smaller ones are usually dust or other pollution.
  • Thickness: Able to check for IC seagull leg, by calibrated topologic view
  • Record: all inspection results
  • Link to statistic system: Our engineer can program the interface. Customer specifications needed
Interferometric Sensor – Inline thickness measurement: thickness / color mapping. Optical Calibration
UV Lamp

  • UV Lamp 395nm
  • UV LED: L570 * W456 * H88mm
  • UV LED Controller: L384 * W284 * H180mm
  • Controller: 14,2kg
  • UV LED Lamp: 18,6kg
Irradiance mapping – Irradiance profile
CCI ControllerPC specifications:

  • Type: 19-inch rack (4HE)
  • Width: 482 mm / Depth: 650 mm / Height: 178 mm / Weight: 10.50kg (Empty).
  • Access to the connectors on the back of the PC.
  • Support: Screen on the left of the machine.
Homogeneity of 80% for a 30cm width