High performance ECO Dispenser SMART SHOT MS-1/MS-1D

Multi-purpose machine that consumes half the energy with significantly increase accuracy!

・We managed to cut power consumption by half!
・Discharge accuracy is 130% compared to our conventional products.
・Equipped with a function for setting discharge conditions!
Low cost
・Ultra-lightweight and compact.
・Uses a wide range dispensing timer.
Discharge pressure digital display type line-up (SMART SHOT®MS-1D)

・Hand switch support (optional)
・Machines that support RoHS and CE

(Discharge pressure analog display type)

Model MS-1 MS-1D
Discharge pressure setting Microcomputer control electro/ pneumatic method
Discharge pressure setting 0.02 – 0.70MPa
Discharge pressure display Analog display Digital display
(Display resolution :0.01 MPa)
Discharge time setting 10ms – 9999sec.
Discharge time display LED display (4 digits)
Discharge time control circuit Microcomputer control digital circuit
Vacuum pressure setting 0 – -20kPa
Input and output signal Input: With or without contact point
Output: Without contact point
Supply air pressure Up to 0.8 MPa (Discharge pressure +0.1 MPa or more)
Power supply, Power consumption AC100V – 240V 50/60Hz, 12W (AC adapter supply)
Exterior dimensions, weight W142 X D139 X H103mm (not including protrusions), 790 g
Vacuum adjustment mechanism for drip prevention
Setup function
Manual / timed: 2 modes for discharge function
Shot switch
Freely switch or set the discharge time setting units
Freely switch or set the external output signal specifications