Infinite Routing Off-Line Router

It is the Innovative & New Advance Concept Router with Zero Loss Time.

It is Consisted Twin Tables & Heads for Independent Processing of Each Table and Spindle, Performed the New Advance Concept Moebius Mode for Zero Loss Time.

It will be more improved cycle time & work capacity with developed & applied crank type z axis which is increased the up & down speed innovatively.

1 + 1 Mode(Single)

Each spindle is performed to independent cutting on each table independently. And it has 2 single table routers

2 x 2 Mode (Dual)

It is able to cut by both spindles as typical patent of MSTECH. And both spindles are able to do auto pitch adjustment. Also available cross-processed on the both tables.

Moebius Mode (Transform)

It is performed to cut with auto transformation by 2X2 & 1X1 mode intelligently. And it is made better performance up to 25~30% compare with the fast 2X2 mode when cutting odd array panel.

New Type of Innovative Z Axis

It is improved the cycle time & work capacity greatly with developed ultra high speed z-axis and applied for reducing up/down speed during cutting process innovatively

– Model : mDPLT/2Head ( offline Mobius Router )
– Dust Collector included ( Model : AP-500 )
< Specifications & Features >
– OFF LINE Router with two spindle head
– twin table with Maximum 350mmx 400mm
– Max Panel size : 320x320mm
– Servo driven 6 axis (X1,X2, Y1,Y2, Z1,Z2, )
– German Sycotec 250W spindle motor & auto width adjustment
– Bit broken detection
– ESD standard followed
– Camera for Fiducial mark check
< Control System & S/W Features >
– Windows7 based Control System
– Industrial PC and 17″ touch LCD monitor
– Full graphical user interface (HMI)
– Full Vision System with fiducial alignment function