modular iScan

modusAOI modular iScan 420 T, standard
modusAOI modular iScan 420 T-UV for conformal coating

The nearly maintenance-free modusAOI modular was specially developed for transport conveyor modules in production lines. Existing lines can easily be retrofitted with the scan unit, which inspects the test item without interruption while it is being conveyed to the next processing station. The scanner, sensors and computer are integrated in the housing.

  • Single system for the inspection of the PCBs top side.
  • Combination of diverse inspection tasks such as SMD placement, THTsolder joints, conformal coating and full screening for solder bead(solderballs).
  • Capture of barcode and data-matrix codes in any position and quantity onthe multi PCB.
Scanunit: resolution: 600 – 1200 dpi

RGB-color filter on CCD-line sensor, Color intensity 3 x 12 bit internal, 3 x 8bit external

Light source: multi-LED-illumination

Solder meniscus control with red-blue illumination under 45°,

optional switchable, white, red and blue LEDs, UV 365nm optional for conformal coating test

pulse wide modulation for brightness control

achromatic lens for the parallax free picture

System-independent interface definition for the conveyor belt

System Controllunit: Intel I5 3.3GHz, SSD Systemdisc, 16 GB RAM, DVD-burner, networkadaptor 2 x 1 Gb/s, 3 TB hard disc, Windows 7 professional 64Bit OS, keyboard, mouse, block keyboard, 19” TFT-screen, optional I/O card
Software: professional inspection software modus AOI 9.9 or higher

Full functionality as follows:

  • clear service with display of error position an display of error and comparison picture
  • intuitional programming with grafic surface
  • powerful and flexible test algorithmen
  • integrated statistics, traceability
  • integration in funktion tests with open interface
Operating range and resolution: Scan range 410 x 550 mm (11.8 in./15.8 in.) at 1200 dpi – Clearance TOP max 40mm

Test speed: independent of the number of parts: 25 seconds incl. calculation time
( without handling time )

Dimension and weight: W400 x H400 x D640 mm, High 1300 mm

Weight: approx. 40 kg (132 lbs.)

Connected values and setting conditions: 230 V / 50 Hz, power consumption of scanner 300 W

temperature: 5° C – 35° C

humidity: 10 % – 80 % non-condensing