High precision dispenser that supports viscosity fluctuation

Debut! Intelligent Dispenser

Increased controller performance!

◆Reaction time precision for dispense signal improves to approximately 4 times.
I/O control
It can be freely controlled from the PLC and is also equipped with RS-232C communication.
Complies with EU RoHS (EMC / low voltage directive) and the CE mark

Also equipped with the conventional functions from the 808 series!

-Using the Exclusive software “MuCOM®808″, you can “edit, save, and execute” dispensing conditions on your PC.
◆[New development] Mode for designating conditions for two fluids
◆[New idea] Recipe management of dispensing conditions
・Linking with automatic machines, data management, central control.
・Allows for data backups on the PC
・Allows you to change settings on the graph (Discharge time / pressure)
・Allows you to print screens and set passwords