MBTech N29 SA4

N29 SA4 Stencil Cleaning Equipment

Efficiency, Economy, Environment: 3E

  • Stainless steel construction,
  • Machine built on containment tray,
  • Completely automated with PLC,
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning system,
  • Closed loop water based process with Patented filtration,
  • Rinsing with filtered cleaning liquid,
  • Automated lift after cleaning cycle,
  • Water free (supply and drain),
  • Drying system included into a separate chamber,
  • No compressed air,
  • Low power consumption.
  • Customized tools,
  • Light tower,
  • Traceability solution N29Manager.

Empty weight: 200 kg

Power supply: 230V single phase 50/60Hz 16A ± 5% plug

Pumps: 2 magnetic driven

Filters: 2 standard 20in 5µm filters

Ultrasonic power: 700w

Time cycle: 4 minutes solder paste ; 10 minutes SMT adhesive

Heating element: 1500W Stainless steel element with thermostat

Cycle time: From 10 to 15 minutes

Misprint tool: Maximum area 500 x 500 mm

Squeegee and tools: Stainless steel basket 500 x 40 x 80 mm