MBTech MC10

MC10 Cleaning Equipment

Efficiency, Economy, Environment: 3E

  • Robust stainless steel construction,
  • Ergonomic loading and unloading,
  • Machine built on containment tray,
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning system,
  • Water based or semi-water based closed loop process,
  • Closed loop rinsing step,
  • Superior hot air drying,
  • Low cleaning process costs (Minimal maintenance requirements).
  • Automatic water refill,
  • Automatic basket lift

Empty weight: 350 kg

Voltage supply: 400V  three phases 50Hz 16A ± 5%

Exhaust: 100mm port on the right side of the machine

Pump: 1 magnetic driven

Filter: 1 standard 20in 5µm filters

Cycle Time: Approx 10 minutes (adjustable)

Ultrasonic power: 600 W

Heating power: 1600 W

Pump: 1 stainless steel centrifugal pump

Filters: Activated carbon, mixed bed resin bottles and 1µm filter

Cycle Time: 5 minutes (adjustable) with air bubbling

Heating element: Stainless steel, 70°C max

Tank conctruction: Aluminium

Cycle time: 15 minutes (adjustable)

Heating power : 2200 W

Constuction: Stainless steel