Lateral Flame Spread Apparatus L.F.S. to perform fire reaction tests manufactured by Ineltec. It evaluates the susceptibility of the surfaces of the support materials and the propagation of the flame also reveals the heat release rate (HRR).

The equipment includes a digital recording system which will be recorded the speed propagation of the flame.

It also measures the time to ignition of the sample.

  • Radiant panel
  • Burner
  • Sample holder
  • Calibration plaque made of silicate
  • Radiometer
  • Flowmeter
  • Extractor hood
  • Digital video camera
  • Computer and software for programming, calibration and analysis of results
  • Ignition circuit
Standards of Lateral Flame Spread Apparatus L.F.S. to perform fire reaction tests
  • ISO 5658-2:2006
  • IMO a653(16)
  • ASTM E1317 – 12
  • ASTM E1321 – 09