Eight-zone convection oven for group soldering SMD components on the surface of the printed circuit board

Patented two-layer insulation system provides:
– safety (external covers of the furnace do not heat up above room temperature);
– save up to 40% of energy compared to similar models of furnaces;
The monitoring system ensures the stability of all processes;
Highly efficient heating system:
– principle of hot air from a variety of holes;
– principle of microcirculation of air in the heating zones up and down;
Two-section module with powerful ventilation and filters to remove exhaust air;
Highly efficient cooling system with powerful fans;
Powerful fans in heating zones with a long service life (made in Taiwan) providing:
– effective heat transfer;
– low thermal inertia;
– temperature adjustment in each zone with an accuracy of ± 1 °;
– fast heating to the set temperature (about 15 minutes);
– low level of vibration and noise;
Stainless steel transmission system to achieve:
– resistance to high temperatures;
– low level of wear and deformation;
– high level of rigidity.

Number of heating zones in the oven (top,bottom) – 8/8;
Total length of heating zones – 3200 mm;
Heating method – closed circuit circulation of hot air;
Number of cooling zones – 1;
Cooling method – forced air flow;
Max PCB width – 350 mm;
PCB transportation height – 880 ± 20 mm;
Conveyor speed – 0 – 2000 mm/min;
Conveyor type – meshy;
Power supply – 3 phases, 380 V, 50/60 Hz;
Starting power – 30 kW;
Average operating power: 5 kW;
Heating time – 15 – 20 min;
Max heating temperature – 400ºC;
Temperature control accuracy – ±2ºC;
Average temperature deviation – ±2ºC;
Temperature adjustment – PID controller solid state relays;
Management – industrial controller;
Pneumatic pressure – 0,5 МPа;
Temperature control – deviation indication system;
Machine dimensions – 4200х800х1320 mm;
Machine weight: 900 kg.


Additional chain conveyor;
Control via PC.