Semi-automatic inline screen printer for applying solder paste to the pads of printed circuit boards of various sizes

Microcomputer control, touch screen;
Automatic height adjustment of squeegees relative to the stencil;
Pressure adjustment squeegee;
Adjust the speed of the squeegee;
Safe start of the printing process with two buttons;
PCB positioning to control openings or along the edges;
Printing modes: single pass, double pass;
Starting the printing process: semi-automatic, automatic;
Cast base base printer.

Max frame dimensions with stencil – 1400х320 mm;
Max dimensions of the PCB – 1200х320 mm;
Dimensions table printing – 1250х320 mm;
Thickness PCB – 0,2 – 2 mm;
Print table stroke – ± 10 mm (forward / backward, left / right);
Accuracy/repeatability printing – ± 0.02 mm;
Printing speed – 0 – 100 mm/sec;
PCB positioning system – manual;
Power supply – 1 phase, 220 V, 50/60 Hz, 100 W;
Pneumatic pressure – 4 – 7 Bar;
Machine dimensions – 1800х900х1680 mm.


Squeegee set 400 mm;
Additional squeegee of arbitrary width.