New generation High-Speed rotary table based, 100% inspection machines.

Machines with integrated advanced visual, induction current, photometry, laser and other technologies which give 100% control over components at high speed.

  • Metal Rotating table
  • Top/side vision
  • Thread damage in 360º
  • Crack detection using Eddy Current
  • Heat treatment using Eddy Current
  • Mechanical Recess control
  • Bearing Surface defects using Photometry
  • Visual bending inspection
  • Two programmable NO GO outputs
  • Speed
    • Max Speed with Vision 400 p/min
    • Max Speed with thread damage 300 p/min in continuous and 60 p/min in Index
    • Max Speed with heat treatment (E/C) 300 p/min
    • Max Speed with crack (E/C) 150 p/min
    • Max Speed with mechanical recess 120 p/min
    • Max Speed with photometric 40 p/min