IR Curing Oven

Maximizes productivity and yield

The IR Curing Oven for one sided selective conformal coating of printed circuit boards (PCBs) maximizes productivity and yield, conserves factory floor space, and reduces board-handling requirements.

Available for integration with Protection Concept Modular Line, the IR Curing Oven can be configured for cure pass and pass-through board processing under the IR curing process.



Conveyor segments 1 segment for top and 1 segment for bottom conveyor
Function control PLC
Conveyor speed Adjustable speed at 100-2000mm/min.
UV light source UVA and UVC band, wavelenght 365nm (lifetime can reach 1000-1200 hours)
Direction L->R (Option: R->L)
Board lenght 50-740mm (3.15-30in)
Board width adjustment 50-550mm (1.97-20in), front rail fixed
Board component height 150mm (9.5in) above or below board
Board/pallet weight ≤ 12.0kg./m (24lbs.) max.
Board/pallet thickness 0.6mm (0.02in) min. , 25mm (1in) max.
Board/pallet warpage 3mm (0.12in.) max. over entire board lenght
Transport edge width 5mm (0.2in.) per side (35B stainless steel chain)
Conveyor height 914-991mm (36-39in.), SMEMA
Module dimensions (L x W x H) 3000 x 1180 x 1265mm

Technical Details

  • Adjustable speed: Transmission system use an adjustable speed at 100-2000mm/min
  • Electric supply: Voltage supply: 3phase,380V 50/60Hz.
  • Power consumption: 7 KVA max.
  • With adjustament: Electrical and automatic width adjustment. Automatic conveyor width adjustment
  • Short wave ir heat source: 2 wave cure
    • Medium wave: Primary top – down cure
    • Conection heat source: Top – down cure
  • Cover: Infrared (IR) radiation covers the wavelength range above 800nm and is subdivided in IR-A, IR-B and IR-C ranges