New generation High-speed Pin-insertion machines


Lazpiur opts for our modern compact design in order to optimize and modulate processes. Customizable light control which offers collaboration setting to the client. New pin inserting machines will allow to insert a higher number of terminals in a minor space of your line.


The new innovative clamp allows to insert as far as two different terminal models. It also allows to insert paired terminals with different roller pitch and terminal distance in PCB. Ratio of insertion increment up to 25%. INSERT gamma offers a new terminal insertion quality control through optimized vision cameras.



Modular design. The new machine generation Insert H2 and Insert H1 allow to set the production line composition in function of cycle time goals, space availability and quantity of terminals to be inserted.


Easy Interaction

The machine comes with an easy recognizable light alert code and as a result, facilitates efficient maintenance optimizing each process timing

Easy roller change

Each roller is extracted with a robust double-rail system to an exterior position with total accessibility for the operator. The change is now faster, simpler and more comfortable


New Machine Generation is compliant with ESD and CE regulations, and has been designed to maximize the user’s security

Visual ergonomics

The easy visual identification of the processes different moments and needs is a functional and strategic breakthrough as a new way to relate the operator-machine duality


The new insert interface offers wide screen that, thanks to a software redesign, are friendly and intuitive with a faster learning curve than ever. Multi language programming allows its use to different operators from different regions or reusing the machine in different production centers.


The broad front gate is opened making the machine’s full front side accessible. The back gate also makes full back side accessible. The machine provides a folding step, on top of which the operator will be able to easily reach the totality of the front side space.

Insert H2 machine is equipped with a remote access option. This will allow Lazpiur’s technicians from their work station and provide a reliable diagnosis in case of any possible incident.

Real time insertion force monitoring or force-distance monitoring for quality assurance on press-fit applications
Active anvil for pcb support, insertion verification and force monitoring
Pin height measuring protusion from pcb bottom side (optional)
Hand scanner for change tooling and material verification (optional)
Top board dmc scanner
Bottom board dmc scanner (optional)
Top and bottom insertion by external panel flipping system (optional)
Quick change product specific conversion kits allow product flexibility
Scalable prodcution solutions through modular design
Noise pressure level: ≤ 75 db(a)
Smema interface
Re work mode to reduce production reject rate
Terminals automatic expulsion system
Measurement of panel thickness for automatic insertion depth adjusment (optional)
Specific programmable insertion depth adjusment per stroke (optional)
Vision inspection for an early detection of geometric material desviations (optional)
Vision inspection for terminal symetric cut line inspection (optional)
Capable of up to 4 different terminals with 2 double servo activated insertion heads
Conveyor and pcb table automatically width adjusment (optional)
Downward looking vision system for automatic board position correction
Data provision for customer´s data management system
Accessible and esd proofed guards
User friendly and intituive HMI
Insertion force max 1.200 N
Reel/outer diameter ≤ 600 mm
Fulfilling industry 4.0 requirements
Possiblity of line configuration for takt time balance
Double and triple pin insertion mode
Double pin insertion mode (hole distance ≠ picht)
Emergency spare part kit (optional)
Remote desktop connection


Insertion rate Max. 250 insertion strokes/min
Loading and unloading time total 4 sec.
Positioning accuracy Cmk ≥ 2 mit +/-0.025 mm
Insertion angle 360º by servomotor
Board capacity 350 x 350 mm
Standard left to right feed
Changeover time 1-6 min
Compressed air: 5-7 bar
Machine power consumption: 43 Kva
Physical dimensions
Width 2500mm
Depth 1800mm
Height 2200mm
Weight 2500kg.
Physical dimensions
Width 1850mm
Depth 1800mm
Height 2200mm
Weight 2000kg.