In-Line Robotic

Designed for production environments, our robotic systems offer versatility and flexibility using real-time and near real-time imaging systems.

VJT robotic X-ray inspection systems can be integrated directly into a manufacturing process to allow semi-automatic real-time X-ray inspection providing pass/fail assessments with minimum operator intervention. These systems offer the greatest system flexibility when combined with today’s higher throughput requirements. VJT robotic X-ray systems are perfect for higher volume part runs or dense, complex parts that require multiple angles of inspection such as aircraft turbine blades and automotive steering components.


  • Automotive castings and components
  • Aerospace castings and components
  • Other castings

Key Features

Award winning Vi3 X-ray inspection software

  • Easy to use software interface
  • Capable of imaging different part sizes and dimensions up to 20 Kg
  • Pallet based conveyor system
  • C-arm for mounting of source and detector
  • Detectors: Flat Panel Detector (8″, 16″)
  • Inspection Modes: DR, ADR, Manual


Advanced Software Features

VJT’s proprietary Vi3 software is a highly customizable modular interface to adapt to customer X-ray inspection requirements.

  • Fully configured image acquisition software
  • Automated acquisition software
  • Advanced ADE (Automatic Defect Enhancement) filter
  • ADR capabitlity: The VJT ADR software, when used with X-ray Inspection hardware, is able to detect material defects, display them, and make a pass or fail decision about that item quickly and accurately.

• Inspection Envelope: 565mm x 728mm
• Sample Maximum Weight: 20 Kg
• Manipulator: 5 Axis Robot
• C-arm Motion: Tilt and Panning
• Detector Type: Flat Panel Detector
• Source Detector Distance: 1m
• Approximate System Dimensions: 6000mm x 6000mm x 3225mm
• Shielding: Leakage < 0.1 mR/hr at 50mm outside any
accessible surface
• Power: 208V single phase or 220/230V single phase
• Compliance: US FDA 21 CFR 1020.40