PC control image recognition dispensing system IMAGE MASTER® 350PC Smart SMΩX

The 350PC became “smart” and debuts as a renewed product!

It’s fully equipped with expansive functions, such as high precision positioning adjustment!
・ Using the 3D alignment function, this machine handles XYθ adjustment to match the workpiece’s tilt and Z adjustment to match its rolling. It’s perfect for applying adhesive to smartphones.
・ Automatically executes and monitors the production cycle, from workpiece arrival to shipping, and automatically logs production information into the database. Supports traceability through a production log.
・ Even if shape changes by misses, New development edge detection function Equipped, alignment object recognize properly alignment.
・ We display dispensing preview function Equipped, dispensing image.
・ Cuts labor and time through a simple set-up.
・ Figure edites dispensing program on PC by Software for editing the dispensing pattern MuCAD®V.

Smart Specifications
① Its smart design reduces space by 30%!
② The original smart 3DA technology reduces cycle time by 30%!
③ We support Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean text for global support!