HS04-3000 Series

HS04-3000 Series

Lead-free Soldering

• Primary chocolate nozzle with embossed structure (4 row multi nozzle construction)
• Allows easy control of the dip time of the secondary free fill back system during mass-production process.
• Hot air circulation of 4 preheating zones
• Auto Conveyor Angle System (2~5 angles)
• One touch primary and secondary nozzles


PC Soldering Type
• System designed and manufactured to be optimized for lead-free environment
• Equipped with Windows XP based operation program of convenient use

Full automatic system realizes lead-free production

Saves data once per 5 minutes each day for 24 hours (Possible to confirm the data by clicking the date file)


Touch Screen Soldering Type
• Lead-free Wave Soldering of PLC Control Type
• Increases job efficiency and productivity by manufacturing machines that focus on user convenience.
• Ensures soldering of the highest quality for any types of PCBs.

Allows convenient operation with a touch screen that is set by clicking once.

Optimized to the best quality by injecting nitrogen into the desired position.


Manual Soldering Type
• Applicable mainly to PCBs with mixed chips and discrete components
• Increases job efficiency and productivity by reflecting devices consisting of special mechanisms for user convenience.
• Convenience and safe manipulation

Simple manipulation allowing an entire view of the control system at a glance (Analog type error monitor)

Stable electric circuit configuration (Consisting of overload prevention circuit breaker)