Selective Soldering

• Replaceable standard and custom made nozzles of various types as well as jigs available to meet the diversification of PCBs
• Equipped with an Infrared sensor to adjust the impeller speed according to the lead height
• Provides stable quality with the Cartesian robot helping soldering performed at a constant position
• Two axes robot installed at required position to apply flux
• Stable control of preheating by the IR heater

Chocolate Nozzle (Embossed Structure)

Primary dip time maximized with a 4 row multi-nozzle structure. In particular, the embossed structure allows less hole clogging and helps remove flux gas during soldering.

Local Nitrogen Cover System

Keeps nitrogen contained in a special area during soldering to ensure outstanding wettability of soldering.

IR (Infrared) Heater + Convective Hot Air Heating System

Realizes optimum conditions by having 85% of the set temperature transferred to the PCB in the high temperature preheating zone required for lead-free soldering.

Hot Air Circulation Preheating

The four zone hot air circulation heating system allows the set temperature to be transferred constantly for stable quality.

Fill Back System

Adjusts the secondary dip time freely. It can adjust the dip time easily and quickly during mass-production.

One Touch Primary and Secondary Nozzle Systems

Reduces maintenance time by reducing the time required to remove and install the nozzles when cleaning them.

Double Check System for Overheating Prevention

After checking the preheater and lead bath heater with the temperature controller, checks them once more for safety.

Hanger Cleaning System

Removes the flux and lead dross attached to the hanger, using a cleaning agent, for smooth PCB transfer.

Slag Recovery System

Moves the dross in the pot to the collecting container to separate the lead and dross. This ensures an outstanding cost saving effect.

Slide Curtain System

Prevents the inflow of oxygen in a different manner from the fixed curtain inside.

Impeller System

Designed to be smoothly removed or installed to help increase productivity by saving the maintenance time of the machine.

Analyzer System (Oxygen Measurement Device)

Displays the real time measurement values of oxygen concentration inside the solder.

Lead Bath In/Out and Up/Down Adjustment System

When performing lead bath maintenance and cleaning, helps the maintenance to be performed smoothly by controlling it with the Auto button and a manual handle.

Entry Conveyor Angle Adjustment System

Designed to allow the entry angle to be adjusted with the Auto button and manual handle. (When adjusting the angle, the entry angle also changes.)

Exit Conveyor Angle Adjustment System

Designed to allow the exit angle to be adjusted with the Auto button and manual handle. (When adjusting the angle, the exit angle changes likewise.)

Flux Tank Height Adjustment System

Equipped with a hexagon handle, allows the flux tank height to be adjusted easily without using jigs. Its drawer type structure allows for easy manipulation and cleaning.

Automatic PCB Width Setting

Allows PCB width by clicking once after setting the desired size before operation.

Chain Insert Conveyor

Installed by default when using external spray