High pressure valve HPV-1NC

It is Suitable in fixed-quantity dispense of highly viscous liquid agent

・Leak of liquid materials is prevented by original high withstand pressure design.
・The resolution, maintenance is easy in needle valve-type one.

Model HPV-1NC
Drive system Air operation rate type
The smallest dispensing volume 13μl
Adaptation liquid materials viscosity High viscosity use
Adaptation liquid material Grease
Maximum air pressure 0.3~0.5MPa(3~5kgf/cm2)
Maximum Fluid feed pressure 4.5MPa(45kgf/cm2)
Maximum reply number of times 720 times of /min.
Liquid entrance φ 6 X φ 4 Fluid feed coupling
Liquid discharge opening Lure lock
Air operation port M5 coupling
Operating temperature limits 5~60 degrees Celsius
Weight 900 g
Wetted part material SUS, fluoric resin, brass

※Dispensing volume of this Specifications, adaptation viscosity, adaptation materials are reference levels.