Manufacturing innovation for Industry 4.0
Optimized system solution for precision parts

It is a revolutionary automated X-ray inspection system that has built-in image analysis software and automatically determines the goodness and badness of the inspection sample using the image acquired by the inspection equipment itself. It is optimized for industry and precision parts inspection of mass production system structure requiring full inspection. The 2.5D system is a principle that examines acquired images after shooting at various angles and orientations. The AXI 2.5D system is an automated in-line inspection system designed for high-speed inspection in SMT. It is best solution for the in-line inspection of double-sided PCB parts.

Mobile Parts


Camera Module




ECU Board

– Provides fast scan speed (0.43~0.7sec/point)

– Ability to analyze nested X-ray image

– Upgrade inspection method (2D → 2.5D)

– Optimized for double-sided mounting board

– Precision part / Electric & electronics parts / etc.

Tube Voltage 130kV
Focal Spot 7um
Inspection Area
Dimension (mm)
(W x D x H)
1,500 x 2,150 x 1,600
Weight 1,700Kg