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HAWKEYE9000 AXI System is X-ray automated inspection equipment which was developed by own technology in 2014 and installed directly in Vietnam SMT production in-line. It is detecting defects of various inspection item by applying special algorithm developed by Techvalley’s own image software team. It is possible to detect not only one-sided mounting board but alsi duplicated image of double-sided mounting board. Techvalley realized the best cost-effectiveness, world-class inspection speed and detection power by 100% self-technologies.

Mobile Parts


Camera Module




ECU Board

– Provides fast scan speed (0.43~0.7sec/point)

– Intuitive user interface to enhance operator’s convenience

– Realized best cost-effectiveness

– Inspection for Surface Mount Circuit Board

– Proven performance (SMT line on overseas)

Tube Voltage 90kV
Focal Spot 4um
Inspection Area
Dimension (mm)
(W x D x H)
1,050 x 1,610 x 1,550
Weight 1,450Kg